Friday, March 14, 2008

Weekly Round Up March 14

What a week it's been! All that snow that was so generously heaped upon us last weekend is now melting away. Doesn't seem right somehow.

Without further ado, I bring you this week's picks:

Who really benefits from new green policies? Chris Elliott's How to spot the travel industry’s eco-spin makes you wonder if the travel industry is making any progress at all.

Not related to travel, but worth a look: Go Green Travel Green's Organic Goes Corporate. The theme sort of ties into Elliott's point about how we want to feel good about our choices, but really we should be looking a little deeper.

Who do you trust for travel advice? Newsweek tells us why user-generated content is falling out of favour in "Revenge of the Experts". Am I surprised? Not really. Travel expert Arthur Frommer also weighs in on the issue on his blog as it applies to travel. (I might blog about this issue myself)

Something to help you pass the time: Knitting for travelers: And you thought the craft was just for old women on Gadling. I must admit, knitting socks has kept my stress levels low through many a travel delay!

Janice Stringer tells us
What Every Parent Should Know About Traveling With Their Kids on BraveNewTraveler. When I saw the title, I had expected to see the usual list of safety and security tips but was pleasantly surprised to find the opposite. Based on her own experience, Stringer discusses things such as providing structure and learning new things as a family.

Good for a laugh: The 5 Worst Travel Gadgets & Accessories on Matador's The Traveler's Notebook.

Practical advice: 6 Tips for Sleeping Well in a Foreign Place. Read the comments as well. There's a great tip about earplugs.

As always, send along any suggestions! I'm always on the hunt for new reading material.

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