Friday, April 4, 2008

Weekly Roundup April 4

I've been taking a break this week but that's no excuse to not keep up with the reading! Here are this week's picks:

Needs no explanation: 5 Tips Every Traveler Should Know About Internet Security on Brave New Traveler. I once caught someone else posting comments using my information (forgot to clear the cache, I think). I've been very careful ever since!

How to be a gracious guest: 7 Ways To Thank Someone For Staying At Their Home, also on BNT.

Great health advice for avoiding stomach upsets: Chris Elliott's That’s sick! 8 ways to avoid the bug. I didn't know about the first one. Yikes!

Is it worth booking through a travel agent? Check out Elliott's Four secrets for finding the right travel pro before you decide.

And finally, just for fun: WestJet’s April Fool’s joke.

Safe travels, everyone!